Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is BHSC a camp specialized in one activity only?
  2. Is the day camp run on Saturdays and/or Sundays?
  3. How are the children grouped in your camp?
  4. What activities do you have at your camp?
  5. Who are your monitors?
  6. What are your breakfast and lunch menus?
  7. Does the bus pick up our kids from home on the first day of the camp?
  8. Can our kids stay on the campus after camp hours are over?
  9. Are visitors allowed on campus during camp hours?
  10. What is the child-to-monitor ratio?
  11. Do all excursions run on Thursdays?
  12. In case my child can't go on an excursion, will he/she be allowed to stay on campus and take part in other activities?
  13. Is it possible to extend my child's stay for some more weeks after we have initially registered him only for the first four weeks?
  14. If my child has an accident during camp hours, what is the procedure followed so as to best deal with the situation?
  15. Are there any special events scheduled for the end of my child's session?

  1. We run a programme of around 30 activities; each camper has the opportunity to choose a minimum of 10 activities twice a week each. Activities are run so as to best ensure the participation of our camper and to teach them new skills.
  2. The day camp is run only on week days from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and until 5:00 pm on Thursdays, the time when campers return from their trips.
  3. Children are divided into age groups as follows:
    Ages Group Name
    4 to 5 Group 1
    6 to 8 Group 2
    9 to 11 Group 3
    12 to 15 Group 4
    Each group is divided into subgroups, the numbers of which depend on the age and number of campers. Each subgroup has its own schedule of activities so that campers get the choice of enjoying two activities per session.
  4. (Click to view list of activities.)
  5. We are currently hiring staff from all over the country and the world. They are screened through an extensive interview process, have to provide two references, and are placed in positions that match their individual skill levels and interests. Our monitors fall into two groups:
    • Senior Monitors (BHS teachers, university graduates): highly qualified men and women who have experience working with children, and who have strong leadership skills.
    • Junior Monitors (High School graduates): young men and women who, before the start of the summer camp, attend workshops which are given by specialized summer camp officers.

  6. Our kitchen staff prepare freshly cooked breakfasts and lunches providing a wide variety of healthy, nutritious foods for your child. sample menu
  7. We have found it preferable not to provide this service. Parents are asked to bring their children along to camp on the first morning, when they can give exact details of addresses and pick up points directly to the bus drivers. Buses will return the  campers (Who have registered for the bus) in the afternoon. If registration for bus transport is completed after the camp has started, a one day delay for registration to take effect should be allowed.
  8. Staying on the campus at the end of day is permitted, although the camp administration regrets it cannot be held responsible for your child's well being outside of the official camp hours.
  9. No visitors are allowed.
  10. This depends on the age of campers but, as a rough rule of thumb, for our under 7's, the campers to monitor ratio is 5 to 1. For ages 7 and over the ratio increases to 8 to 1.
  11. Yes, most excursions are on Thursdays, but if there is any change in schedule parents will be notified via newsletters sent home with their children.
  12. Yes he/she can stay on campus.
  13. Only if places are available.
  14. The child will be immediately checked by our nurse or by the first aid officer present. After evaluation, and if necessary, the camper will be referred for further treatment to the doctor's clinic or hospital. At the same time, parents are notified of the incident. (BHSC offers accident insurance to all campers.We have a nurse on full-time duty and a doctor on call in case of sudden illness.)
  15. At the end of the first four weeks, a play is performed and sports competitions are held, after which awards and souvenirs are distributed. At the end of the seventh week, competitions, a play and a huge arts exhibition are held and the camp closes with a reception for all parents.
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